08 Jul
From 08/07/2021 13:00
to 08/07/2021 14:00

Seminar by Nicolas Auquier

Equivalent dynamic model of multilayered structures with imperfect interface

In this seminar I will present you the equivalent dynamic model I built and that I am testing through experimentation. The aim is to build an equivalent model of multilayered structures with imperfect interfaces for vibro-acoustic characterization for transport acoustic comfort in cars or planes.  To do so, new boundary conditions containing the imperfections are implemented into the Guyader's model.  The dispersion relation is derived from the equivalent displacement field and then the bending wavenumbers are obtained.  Only sliding interfaces are considered so far, which implies discontinuity of the displacement field through the layers.  Some effects of these imperfections will be shown through the equivalent flexural rigidity and the damping. I will talk also about the experimentation setup currently used to test the model and some characterization results obtained from CFAT.

This seminar will be online. Click here to join the Zoom event.

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