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04 Jul

Seminar by Louise Chiocchetti

Three-dimensional array processing for wind tunnel analysis of aeroacoustic noise generated by obstacles in flows

06 Jun

Seminar by Léo GIRIER

Axial-flow fan noise: from source modelling to modal identification

14 Mar

Seminar by Matthieu Decaux

Underwater radiated noise from a submerged cylinder: measurements in far and near field conditions

07 Mar
22 Feb
15 Feb

Seminar by Nicolas Madinier

Identification de la rigidité complexe de flexion avec la Méthode des Champs Virtuels Adaptée en Fréquence

16 Jan

Seminar by Anne-Sophie Poudrel

Caractérisation de l'interface os-implant par méthodes vibro-acoustiques : de l'implémentation in-situ au besoin d'une étude large-bande

11 Jan

Seminar by Nezha Mamouni

Use of Copulas for Blind Source Separation of Independent/Dependent Sources

23 Nov

Seminar by Florent Dumortier

A subtractive modelling approach for predicting the radiation of a cylindrical shell in a waveguide

16 Nov

Seminar by Abdul Jabbar

Fault identification and localization for independent cart systems