14 Mar
From 14/03/2024 13:00
to 14/03/2024 14:00

Seminar by Matthieu Decaux

Underwater radiated noise from a submerged cylinder: measurements in far and near field conditions

Measurements of radiated pressure from a cylinder hull immersed in water are of interest for naval research. Generally, the far-field pressure pattern in a wide frequency range is required. We compare the direct measurement of the far-field underwater noise generated by a vibrating cylinder submerged in a large dock to the far-field prediction obtained via near-field measurements of the same structure in a reverberant tank. Both measurements require advanced signal processing to minimize the impacts of undesired factors such as low signal-to-noise ratio or with disturbing echos. The results associated with both environments are confronted and provide general guidance to evaluate the radiated sound power.

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