16 Dec
From 16/12/2021 13:00
to 16/12/2021 14:00

Seminar by Adrien Marsick

Bearing monitoring in windturbine applications : handling non-stationarity

The monitoring of rotating machinery through vibration analysis relies on signal processing tools based on cyclo-stationarity theory. Most of the methods assume that the operating conditions are stationarity within the duration of analysis. The intermittent nature of wind power creates strong variability in rotating speed and load that undermines the detection and estimation of faults. After a quick introduction on the subject of my thesis, I will focus this presentation on the different approaches to get around the speed non-stationarity for bearing surveillance.   https://zoom.us/j/93461387933?pwd=a1hxYzllTW4yd0V6S1c2NkRXUXNaZz09
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