28 juin
Du 28/06/2018 13:00
au 28/06/2018 14:00

Matthew Edwards - Doctorant Matelys/LVA - Séminaire du LVA

Prediction and Control of Rolling Noise in Buildings

New buildings in urban areas are divided into commercial and habitable areas. Commercial shops typically exist on the ground floors, with private residencies on the upper floors. This use has revealed critical disturbances due to the noise generated by rolling delivery carts when the buildings are mainly occupied (e.g. early in the morning). These carts generate vibrations at low frequencies (below 100 Hz) that propagate easily throughout the building structure and on the upper floors, disturbing the habitants therein. While work has been done to investigate footfall noise, little research has been done in the field of rolling noise in buildings. This work presents an original model for rolling noise in buildings, taking into account the roughness of the ground surface and the roughness profile of the wheels. The model considers the mechanical impedance of the ground, including possible flooring noise treatment. It is able to correctly reproduce the measured level of vibrations and noise levels due to rolling noise in the building environment. It is also able to accurately predict the sensitivity to different types of rolling noise and floorings with various properties, based on a single layer or a multi-layer construction.

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