The laboratory of vibration and acoustics is affiliated to the mechanical engineering Department (GMC) from the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA) and member of the Centre Lyonnais of Acoustics (CeLyA). Recognized laboratory of excellence in 2011 by the "Investments for the Future" program and accounting for more than sixty researchers specialized in almost all areas of sound (audible and ultrasonic), makes Celya the largest research centre in France specialized in acoustic engineering and its applications.

From the historical point of view, the LVA has been created in the 70s to establish a link in between Structural Dynamics and Acoustics. The oldest field of research of the Laboratory has thus naturally been "Vibro-acoustics". The scientific works from the laboratory are internationally recognised in this field and have initiated a very close collaboration with the transportation industry (the aviation industry, the car one, the lorry one, the railway one, etc.). The laboratory has developed abilities and original methods in the identification and localisation of sources in parallel to the study of the acoustic radiation (from the source to the noise). This area of research has been submitted to a very strong requirement from the industry, since identifying the origin of the matter enables to take actions before the noise is transmitted. Psychoacoustics and the study of the human being in noise perception have become a new axis of research of the laboratory in the years 2000. Studying human noise perception is fundamental to assess either the preferences or the inconveniences for users of machines (automotive, appliances, etc.) or potential customers. Recently, the Laboratory has established a new axis of research "Monitoring of parts and structures", gathering the vibration diagnosis, non-destructive testing using ultrasonic and ionizing radiations and the study of cyclo-stationary systems.


Laboratory - 02/01/2016

A full professor position is open

For more informations please contact Etienne Parizet : 04 72 43 81 21 -

Laboratory - 09/24/2015

Ecole d'été CelyA "Up2HF"

Le LVA a co-organisé l'école d'été CeLyA "Up2HF"  qui s'est déroulée du 1er au 3 juillet 2015 - "Mid and high frequency modelling in structural acoustics".

Laboratory - 06/23/2015

NOVEM 2015

NOVEM 2015, the 5th conference in the series, is aimed at promoting scientific exchanges of specialists. It took place in Croatia (April 13-15 2015)

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